Here’s what our clients are saying…

Potomac Capital Markets

What impresses me most about Tom, beside his in-depth industry knowledge, is his pragmatism. The solutions he recommends fit into the real world; they are not just theories or academic exercises. He is comfortable in the board room and in the trenches, responding to the needs a host of constituencies, gaining consensus throughout the organization so that key initiatives become executed realities. If you need a second opinion, a sounding board or someone to roll his sleeves up as your partner, I suggest you call Tom.  

Mark Dorney, Managing Director at Potomac Capital Markets

LPL Financial

“Tom has built up a great deal of experience and intellectual capital which I have seen him leverage to empower organizations to prosper and grow. His 20 years of service as a program manager in institutions of all sizes allow him to provide thought leadership around strategic development as well as tactical execution issues. If you are looking to transition your program to the next level, I recommend you make use of his services.”

—Dan Arnold

President & CEO, LPL Financial


“Tom brings a unique approach to the business of consulting. He is particularly skilled in targeted problem-solving and successful implementation of his work product. Many consultants are able to strategize and benchmark; Tom, on the other hand, makes sure his clients know exactly what to do, and he provides them the tools to get the project/job done right. This hands-on approach differentiates his services and makes them of enormous value to those seeking a real competitive advantage.”

—William Trout

Head of Wealth Management, Celent (Former SVP BBVA Compass)

Capital Performance Group

“Tom has worked with my firm and our clients on many assignments. He has a wealth of knowledge about the investment business, rolls up his sleeves and helps get the real work done, and he is a pleasure to work with. If you are looking for a wealth management expert to help your firm or assist your team, you won’t find one better than Tom.”

—Mary Beth Sullivan

Managing Partner, Capital Performance Group

Austin Wealth Management

“Tom knows the business backwards and forwards from the trenches to the Boardroom. The phrase, “Been there, done that…”, best describes Tom. It was a privilege having him as a manager, mentor, peer and confident. I also inherited his “book”, so I can tell you that my respect for Tom was echoed by all with whom he had dealt. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then, my succeeding him as RSM at Citibank says it all.”

—John Austin

Managing Partner, Austin Wealth Management

United Bank

“Tom proved it could be done. He and his team worked effectively with both the retail staff and lenders in our bank. He approaches the business from a can-do, positive, client-centered perspective. He wants to make certain every customer benefits from all the products and services we have to offer. He created service standards within his division that were the envy of the organization and a comfort to those of us referring business. His team actually referred as much if not more business to us as we did to them. It was truly a partnership.”

—F. Kevin Reynolds

Regional President & Director of Sales, United Bank

A.G. Newcomb and Company

“Tom not only provides his clients with over three decades of specialized knowledge in the wealth management business, but with skills necessary to successfully guide these valuable business lines through the cultural changes needed to integrate and streamline sales, compliance and operations. His understanding of both banking and wealth management business lines, uniquely positions him to help banks and credit unions implement investment and wealth management programs efficiently and effectively while bridging the culture gaps between banks and investment advisers. If you are a bank wishing to offer investment and wealth management services or if your current program is languishing, I strongly recommend you use an Tom’s expertise to help you build a successful business line.”

—Anita Gentle Newcomb

President, A.G. Newcomb and Company

First Virginia Community Bank

“Tom was the first investment advisor I met that I did not consider an ‘itinerant money salesman’. He and his team came in and took ownership of developing mutually rewarding relationships with the commercial lenders. He understands the sanctity of the client relationships in the commercial division and went about demonstrating he could put a team of professionals in place to meet the high standards of both the lenders and their clients. His team’s advice far exceeded my experience with “bank brokers” and proved that synergy within these departments is possible. If you are looking for someone to break down barriers and help integrate the investment business into the core of your institution then Tom is your man.”

—L. Burwell Gunn

President, COO & Vice Chairman, First Virginia Community Bank (Retired)

Mainstay Consulting

“Tom Kane is a great resource for those needing advice and guidance on the success of wealth management organizations at financial services firms. His hands-on experience in working in several wealth management groups in senior positions gives Tom unique insights into the important factors for success of those groups, including compensation, investment products and programs, technology, and integration with other bank products and services.”

—John Shields

Principal, Mainstay Consulting

New York Private Bank and Trust

“Tom and I have worked together on a number of mutual client relationships over the years, where Tom served in a consulting role. I have heard Tom speak at conferences and have seen the output of his financial services consulting work, and on both points, Tom is a highly credible expert in his field. He is particularly strong in the area of compensation and I recommended him today to a large regional bank, which needs access to such expertise. Tom is an excellent speaker and communicator and I’d recommend him to any financial institution seeking an objective consulting partner.”

—Dick Trumpler

CEO Trumpler Wealth Consulting (former Managing Director, New York Private Bank and Trust)

Riggs Financial

“Tom worked with our broker dealer at Riggs Bank on a new marketing approach. He got results and we were very pleased with the work that Tom performed for us.”

—Henry Morneault

COO Source Financial Advisors (Former CFO Riggs Financial)

Midwest Heritage Bank

“Tom helped us acquire an independent advisor’s practice, performing valuation and other important work to ensure all parties reached a satisfactory agreement. He then led our work in selecting a new broker-dealer and negotiating the most favorable contract terms. His attention to detail, can-do attitude and responsiveness made our relationship with Tom a very rewarding one. His experience, insight and objectiveness enabled me to feel that I was getting the expertise I needed to make informed decisions. If you want a trusted second opinion or someone to competently lead a project, I recommend you call Tom.”

—Tony Kaska

President & CEO, Midwest Heritage Bank

LPL Financial Institution Services

“Tom was instrumental in building the recruiting function at LPL. He developed an entire process for adding Financial Consultants that is used throughout the organization. He has an almost sixth sense for getting into a candidate’s head and determining if he or she will be a good long-term fit for the organization. His help with developing transitional compensation plans and his guidance in actually hiring the most desirable candidates have been invaluable. We found that by using Tom’s process, the candidates we selected produced three-times more revenues than before. I highly recommend making use of Tom’s know-how when it comes to recruiting.”

—Dee Flesch

Talent Acquisition, Edward Jones ( Former Recruiting Manager, LPL Financial Institution Services)

CEO – Compeer Financial

“Kane Carlton wrote a comprehensive RFP, effectively evaluating the Third Party Marketing firms most fitting our profile. The process included a comprehensive written assessment and specific recommendations. Tom’s first hand knowledge of these service providers as well as his uncanny ability to uncover some of their more subtle nuances was very beneficial. If you are considering choosing a TPM or changing your present one, I suggest calling Tom.”

—Rodney Hebrink

President & CEO, Compeer Financial

Compeer Financial

“Tom not only impressed me with his extensive knowledge of the industry, but particularly with the thoroughness of his work. He provided us with a comprehensive plan that touched on all aspects of the wealth management business. Additionally, in presenting the business plan to our board, he transformed complex quantitative and qualitative information into simple terms that everyone understood. If you need someone with excellent analytical and presentation skills, I urge you to contact Tom.”

—Tim Tracy

Chief Credit Officer, Compeer Financial

Midwest Heritage Financial Services

“KaneCarlton was an invaluable resource in not only helping me make some extremely important business and career decisions, but also at actually going beyond purely giving advice to doing the work, with an impressive attention to detail, quick turnaround and professional results. Tom Kane’s industry expertise and subject matter knowledge gave me the comfort and trust I needed to continue to run my business, while he took on those key initiatives that desperately needed completing. I strongly recommend engaging KaneCarlton – they get it done!.”

—Matt Watters

President, Midwest Heritage Financial Services

Riggs Securities, Inc.

“When the idea of working with Tom was first broached, I was a bit hesitant and wondered if he could truly help my program. I have over 20 years of industry experience and thought I had practically seen it all. Tom worked as partner tackling jobs that I wanted to complete but had not due to the time constraints we all face. His collaborative approach truly moved our program to the next level. He is a fantastic resource for testing the viability of new ideas and brings a unique perspective to the business. I found him particularly helpful in taking all of those projects bouncing around in my mind and making them a reality.”

—Steven Donald

(former) President, Riggs Securities, Inc.

LederMark Communications

“Banks and financial services providers will find in Tom a well-rounded consultant who can put the pieces of a complex investment platform together — sales, operations, training and supervision — and is a resourceful industry player. He also has the personal qualities of a friend and colleague you’d like to work with again.”

—Gerri Leder

President, LederMark Communications

Victoria Baker Enterprises

“I retained Tom Kane to review certain areas and services at my business and to provide concrete recommendations for improving these as well as cutting costs. I was most impressed with Tom’s effectiveness in getting to the heart of the issues at hand and how best to resolve or enhance these going forward. He also identified a number of ways to save costs, which is so vital to business owners such as myself. Finally, I was struck by Tom’s resourcefulness, abundant people skills and strong ethics. I would recommend Tom Kane in a heartbeat.”

—Victoria J. Baker

Principal & Founder, Victoria Baker Enterprises

Provident Investment Company

“I have known Tom for many years. His experience serves him well on topics such as trends in compensation and investment program structure. I have found Tom to be very responsive and hands-on when called upon for his expertise. His industry knowledge is exceptional.”

—Donald Sheeler

President, Provident Investment Company (former)