Early in his career Tom’s colleagues tagged him with the moniker, Boy Wonder.  The genesis of this likely sprang from a combination of his boundless enthusiasm and never-ending quest to learn all he could about financial services.  Or perhaps, wondering why they ever hired this boy!

Nearly 40 years later, Tom continues to closely examine the wealth management industry, questioning how and why things are done and more importantly, how and why they will continue to evolve.

In 2003, he gave up the corner office in pursuit of changing the world – or at least one little corner of it – bringing his decades of practical, hands on experience to those who wonder if there is a better way.

As a result, he’s helped countless wealth management companies transform their businesses, while having a lot of fun and meeting some great folks along the way.

He continues to marvel at the dichotomy facing firms striving to remain relevant –  balancing the foundational traditions of integrity, loyalty and personal relationships in an environment requiring fast-paced, dynamic and innovative solutions.

And, he continues to wonder as he pursues his dream of sailing the seven seas on his catamaran, Que Sera.