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Transitioning Advisor Services

Things change. Personally, professionally, economically, health-wise - sometimes we are the catalyst for change, sometimes not.

Yet it is always there. Career change is one of the biggies. Whether it is breaking awayIndpendent Financial Advisor from a traditional brokerage firm and hanging your shingle, partnering with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, or handing the keys to the shop over to your successor, these are all big moves that not only require thoughtful planning, but considerable soul-searching.

Who can you turn to that will provide you with a totally objective perspective combined with the specific industry experience necessary to guide you through the intellectual and emotional aspects of what will most definitely be a life changing event?

Is it those broker-dealers courting you? How about the recruiter paid by the broker-dealers, offering to help you for free? Maybe the firm or individual that wants to buy your practice is whispering in your ear? Does your attorney understand your business? Can you really rely on your spouse, a buddy or your brother-in-law to understand the multifarious nuances associated with making this move?

We often hear it said that life is shaped by the choices we make. So too, is success and failure in business. KaneCarlton is in the decision business. We help our clients make informed decisions by combining well over a century of practical experience in wealth management with research, analysis and specialized knowledge. Our consultants and coaches are totally objective, with no ties to any vendor or service provider. We always keep your interest and success first, because we know how much is riding on this change.

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A Declaration for Independence

Transitioning through Succession