Financial Advior Transitioning

The trend seems to be pointing in that direction, and you have seen a few of your colleagues choose that route, some successfully and some - well, not so much.

The old firm certainly isn’t what it used to be and the new name over the door, which at one time was revered, seems now to be almost universally reviled.

The increased payouts and flexibility are almost too compelling to ignore, but your list of questions is long and answers you can really trust, well…?

KaneCarlton is in the decision business. We recognize that you are considering a career move - a life altering decision. We can help. We have the experience, the credentials, the objectivity, the contacts; everything you need to make the right decisions, the first time.

Learn how KaneCarlton can help you decide if “A Declaration for Independence” is right for you.

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Services to Help Advisors & Advisor Practices Flourish

The coaching and consulting experts at KaneCarlton have over a century of combined experience in wealth management solutions to investors. We go well beyond theory in working with our clients, to provide practical, no-nonsense solutions to make your practice flourish; whether you are an advisor within a larger institution, a "single shingle" practitioner or boutique advisory practice, we bring the expertise you need to increase revenue, enhance scalability, reduce costs, improve efficiency and create competitive distinction.

We recognize that as the industry grows, so does the rhetoric; much of which is delivered by "empty suits" with limited practical experience, few new ideas and solutions that are more aspirations than answers.

Our experience allows us to quickly get at the heart of an issue or opportunity and to help you make informed decisions that will differentiate you and your practice.  We believe it is the combination of the decisions you make that determines the ultimate success or failure of your enterprise and therefore, place a strong emphasis on helping you make the right decisions, the first time.  We do this not only through our experience, but through lessons we have learned of what works and what doesn't, from best practices, research and an uncanny ability to anticipate and decipher trends that position you and your business as leaders, not followers.

Our comprehensive suite of services are also designed to help advisors make those difficult career decisions and life changes; whether changing firms, transitioning to independence or handing the reins over to partners, family or another firm.