Who's Carlton

No, it’s not the doorman from the ‘70s sitcom Rhoda, or Carlton “Pudge” Fisk. Not a pack of smokes or a hotel. While Carlton is the middle name of KaneCarlton’s founder, Thomas C. Kane, that is only part of the story.

Carlton Lee Kidwell, Tom’s maternal grandfather raised ten children in the shadows of the Capitol Building in Washington DC.

Carlton Lee Kidwell, 1911

No stranger to adversity, he raised this brood through two World Wars and the Great Depression. He lost his first born, Carlton Francis in an automobile accident on Christmas Day in 1935 when his eighteen-year-old son was driving to the hospital to visit his mother, who had just given birth to his baby brother. Francis was the only one of the ten born in the hospital, the other nine born at home. This was because Francis was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome, living only twelve short years.

Carlton Lee was determined and resilient - disciplined and trustworthy. He was a self-made man who struck out on his own at the age sixteen. He was willing to embrace new ideas and concepts as he did when he accepted a position with a cutting-edge firm called Birdseye as they brought their new fangled frozen foods to the marketplace.

At KaneCarlton, we strive to live by the examples set forth by our namesakes, remembering our roots and the lessons we learned about life, community, integrity, accountability and discipline. It is these principals that guide our firm and allow us to proudly respond each and every time we are asked, “Who’s Carlton?”

About Us

Kane Carlton is in the decision business. We help our wealth management clients make informed decisions by providing them with research, competitive intelligence, best practices and innovative, objective solutions to reduce costs, increase revenue and stay competitive.

Kane Carlton Approach

What We Do

Beyond pure strategy and benchmarking, we have proprietary processes that help you execute against the work product we design. We pride ourselves on hands-on implementation in helping our clients change for the better.

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Who We Are

Kane Carlton is a consortium of the best and brightest talent in the wealth management industry. This confederation of seasoned professionals represents well over a century of practical, hands-on experience in highly specialized disciplines with a no-nonsense, innovative, results-driven focus on a singular mission - to help you.

The firm structure is such that it can provide the breadth and depth of specialized knowledge and talent typically reserved for the largest consulting organizations, but can do so at a fraction of the cost. This is accomplished through the vast network of strategic alliances developed over the past three decades. These alliances allow KaneCarlton to use the right industry experts to drill deeply into even the most specialized areas, while forgoing the overhead of supporting such a large staff. This results in significant savings to our clients, while still allowing them to realize the benefits of working with the best and brightest in the business.

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Who We Work With

KaneCarlton is a management consulting, coaching and advisory firm working exclusively within the wealth management industry. We provide services to four distinct constituencies:

Financial Institutions
Financial Advisors and Advisor Practices
Transitioning Advisors
Industry Vendors and Support Resources

How We Work With You

Kane Carlton enters into each engagement with a complete description of the services provided, a defined timetable and clear deliverables.

We work collaboratively with our clients striving to understand the unique culture, history, challenges and opportunities associated with their business.

We provide our clients with on going progress reports so they always know the status of each component of an engagement or project.

We provide our clients with research, analysis, benchmarking, best practices and practical experience, perspective and insight from industry experts so they can make the right decisions, the first time.

What This Means for You

It means you can have peace of mind knowing you have a trusted, objective partner that deeply cares about what is best for you.

The knowledge and solace of knowing that instead of going it alone you have a team of experts who have the deep expertise and specialized knowledge you need to not only decide right, but to turn those decisions into actionable plans for success.

It means that instead of worrying that there might be a better solution, a lower price, a quicker path; instead of wondering about what you might not know; that you have a deeply entrenched industry resource that has access to best practices, competitive intelligence, practical experience, research and the other tools to help you make the right decisions the first time.

You reap the rewards associated with taking the right path, making the right moves; of demonstrating yourself and your firm as industry leaders who can navigate through the toughest environments and most complex challenges.

You have confidence you will achieve the results you seek, as you know you are being served by best and brightest in the industry.

Where We Came From

Spurred by requests for help in replicating his success in building wealth management platforms, in 2003, after 24 years of successfully providing investment advice and leadership to the wealth management industry, Tom Kane founded Investment Program Solutions.

Thus, he gave up the corner office, hung out a shingle, and began a new, but similar journey, sharing a quarter century of learning and success with the industry that provided him with so many opportunities and rewards.

Today, with a new name reflecting its growth and increased capacity, KaneCarlton continues to help the wealth management industry evolve by developing new and innovative solutions, while never forgetting the enduring traditions of a profession that has helped so many realize their dreams.

And, while our industry has recently gone from revered to reviled, we’ve gone to the retirement parties that our financial plans made a reality, helped single mothers educate their children and fathers’ protect their special needs kids after they’re gone; handed life insurance proceeds to thankful beneficiaries, established endowments and foundations and helped countless others sleep more comfortably knowing they had help they can trust.

The media and cynics may portray us as less than honorable and honest, but we know; we have seen first hand the impact we can make and it is with that spirit of helping others that KaneCarlton works with its clients to improve the lives of their clients.

Perhaps Oscar Wilde summed it up best, “A cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing”. While our industry may be under fire and experiencing growing pains, we know that as long as we can add value to our clients, we will forever endure.

Why Kane Carlton

We are an organization of practitioners, not a group of theorists who may have spent a year or two on the front lines of financial services.  We have the scars and lumps, victories and failures that allow us to guide you on your quest to grow and protect your business.

We have deep-rooted practical experience in running almost every facet of a wealth management business -- even the most technical, arcane and specialized parts.

We are objective.  We approach every relationship with an open mind and we have no ties to any vendor, service provider or other source that might sway our ability to keep your best interest first.

We are nimble and innovative, yet practical.  We understand solutions and strategies are of no value if they are merely aspirations that will not or cannot be successfully implemented.

We are going to help you make good decisions -- the right decisions, the first time.