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“Kane Carlton wrote a comprehensive RFP, effectively evaluating the Third Party Marketing firms most fitting our profile. The process included a comprehensive written assessment and specific recommendations. Tom's first hand knowledge of these service providers as well as his uncanny ability to uncover some of their more subtle nuances was very beneficial. If you are considering choosing a TPM or changing your present one, I suggest calling Tom.”

—Rodney Hebrink
Senior Vice President & CFO
AgStar Financial Services, ACA

Vendor Selection / Contract Negotiation

Why This is Important to You

The selection of the right partners in the wealth management space is a mission critical task that impacts every aspect of your business from your ability to recruit talent, to workflow efficiency, product availability, investment management performance, compliance, technology and your corporate identity and reputation.

Too often we see financial institution executives view service providers as indistinguishable from one another and therefore often underestimate the impact that these partners have on the success of the wealth management program.

Consider the amount of due diligence and emphasis you place on your core processing systems, your check and online service providers and your loan review systems for the bank. Then apply that same meticulousness to selecting a broker-dealer partner as an example. This partner controls the products, compliance, revenue sharing, operations, processing, investment management, insurance platform and virtually all of the moving parts that mirror what you have put together for your bank or credit union.

We know the key players to include in the due diligence process and help you save time and money by ruling out those that have lost a competitive edge, have unfavorable pricing or tend not to work straightforwardly with their prospects and clients.

Not only is selecting the right vendors a mission critical undertaking, it represents a meaningful expense, impacting margins and shareholder value. We know in which closets the skeletons are hidden allowing us to negotiate the absolute best terms for you wealth management businesses.

How We Work With You

We learn about your culture and your objectives for employing a particular vendor and because we know the key players we can quickly help narrow the field of those to include and those to omit from your due diligence process. This saves you both time and money.

From writing a comprehensive Request For Information (“RFI”) to negotiating the best contractual terms, we work with you every step of the way to ensure that you select the right partner at the right price, the first time.

Specifically, we provide our clients with:Bank Consulting

  • An analysis of your pricing compared with peers
  • A side-by-side comparison of the attributes and drawbacks of key components including pricing
  • A thorough review of the proposed vendor contract including identifying items that are unfavorable to your institution
  • Coordination with you and interface with the vendor in order to resolve issues identified
  • Reference checks to gain competitive intelligence, peer comparisons, satisfaction levels, service gaps and pricing
  • Develop a comprehensive RFI and on-site meetings to ensure each critical aspect of a vendors offering is thoroughly vetted.

What This Means For You

  • The peace of mind that comes from knowing that you selected the right partner at the most favorable price and terms
  • Ease of managing vendor relationships via use of a detailed document of provider “promises” that allows you “to keep them honest” in meeting all of their commitments
  • The solace that comes with knowing that you can satisfy the regulators and board of directors need for detailed documentation of the due diligence process
  • The ability to satisfy the most discerning employees’ inquiries as to why a particular vendor or system was selected.

Who Will Help You

Kane Carlton is a consortium of the best and brightest talent in the wealth management industry. This confederation of seasoned professionals combines decades of practical experience in highly specialized disciplines with a no-nonsense, innovative, results driven focus with a singular mission
to help you.

Tom Kane

Thomas C. Kane, Founder and Chief Transformation Strategist

Learn more about Tom and how his 35 years of practical experience in financial services can help you.



Henry Moreault, Wealth Industry Advisor

Henry D. Morneault, Consulting Associate
Consulting Associate, Operations Strategist and Transition Expert

Learn more about Henry and how his two decades of specialized knowledge can help you.



Why Kane Carlton

We help our wealth management clients make informed decisions by providing them with research, competitive intelligence, best practices and innovative, objective solutions designed to reduce costs, increase revenue and stay competitive. Yet, unlike pure consulting we pride ourselves on being on the field and in the game with you, focusing on implementing the work product we create.

We understand that the thin line separating a flourishing career from unemployment and a thriving franchise from a failed business is a combination of the decisions you make. So make your first decision the right decision -- decide Kane Carlton.

Learn more about our firm and how we help financial institutions like yours optimize results in the delivery of wealth management products and services.

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