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“Tom proved it could be done. He and his team worked effectively with both the retail staff and lenders in our bank. He approaches the business from a can-do, positive, client-centered perspective. He wants to make certain every customer benefits from all the products and services we have to offer. He created service standards within his division that were the envy of the organization and a comfort to those of us referring business. His team actually referred as much if not more business to us as we did to them. It was truly a partnership.”

—F. Kevin Reynolds
Cardinal Bank, N.A.

Commercial Lender Referral Strategies and Tactics

Why This is Important to You

If your bank is not fully leveraging the opportunities embodied by your commercial lenders and their clients and prospects, you are most assuredly not maximizing your profit potential. Leaving profits on the table in an environment where banks are starved for fee income could prove detrimental to both you and your organization.

While this may sound unduly harsh, the new realities following the global economic collapse have drastically changed the playing field. The luxury of not optimizing clearly present opportunities no longer exists at many financial institutions.

Too long has the word “silo” dominated our banking vocabulary, in our ceaseless quest to increase cross-sell ratios and share of wallet.

Those managers with the insight, sound, rational plans and the perseverance to knock down the silos will position themselves as leaders within their respective institutions and within the industry, thus enhancing their relevancy and marketability.

How We Work With You

We will research benchmarks and best practices, analyze competitor capabilities and market characteristics, and audit the wealth management group’s existing performance and capabilities. We will develop an audit framework to guide the capabilities assessment. This framework will examine measures that drive organizational profitability, effectiveness, and efficiency; referral reluctance and goal setting; your brand, value proposition, positioning and competitive differentiation (internal & external); and territory alignment, staffing levels and personnel capabilities.

We will conduct the audit by interviewing key personnel and collecting applicable data for analysis. Our team will research and summarize relevant industry and market information to help evaluate internal findings. We will then facilitate a working session with the appropriate members of your team to review all findings and analysis, identify specific improvement and growth opportunities, and prioritize your next steps. We will work with your team to size specific opportunities, identify potential risks, and outline major implementation requirements, including key resources and timing. Finally, throughout the entire engagement, we will communicate any “quick hit opportunities” as they are identified to enable you to pursue them immediately.

We will work with you over time to ensure the implementation and adoption remain as planned, taking corrective actions as necessary to fill the gaps between the plan and results.

What This Means For You

  • Peace of mind that comes with knowing your are maximizing your profit potential
  • The financial and visceral rewards that come with knowing you have solved a problem plaguing much of the industry
  • The enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from establishing better working relationships with your peers and coworkers
  • The respect that comes from being recognized as an industry leader.

Who Will Help You

Kane Carlton is a consortium of the best and brightest talent in the wealth management industry. This confederation of seasoned professionals combines decades of practical experience in highly specialized disciplines with a no-nonsense, innovative, results driven focus with a singular mission—to help you.

Tom Kane

Thomas C. Kane, Founder and Chief Transformation Strategist

Learn more about Tom and how his 35 years of practical experience in financial services can help you.



Why Kane Carlton

We help our wealth management clients make informed decisions by providing them with research, competitive intelligence, best practices and innovative, objective solutions designed to reduce costs, increase revenue and stay competitive. Yet, unlike pure consulting we pride ourselves on being on the field and in the game with you, focusing on implementing the work product we create.

We understand that the thin line separating a flourishing career from unemployment and a thriving franchise from a failed business is a combination of the decisions you make. So make your first decision the right decision—decide Kane Carlton.

Learn more about our firm and how we help financial institutions like yours optimize results in the delivery of wealth management products and services.

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