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“Banks and financial services providers will find in Tom a well-rounded consultant who can put the pieces of a complex investment platform together — sales, operations, training and supervision — and is a resourceful industry player. He also has the personal qualities of a friend and colleague you'd like to work with again.”

—Gerri Leder
LederMark Communications

Organizational Assessment and Best Practices

Why This is Important to You

Without providing a lot of rhetoric about  the challenges facing the financial services industry at this time in history and the increasing and changing face of competition, we unequivocally believe that the need for developing plans and processes for controlled and profitable growth have never been greater.

Organizational AssessmentYet it is essential that before you decide where you are going, that you know where you are.  Pinpointing your strengths, opportunities and competitive standing is a critical first step in developing a plan for becoming a world-class wealth management firm.

While you may feel that you have an excellent handle on the day-to-day workings of your business, you also recognize the challenge of keeping up with the dizzying pace in which our dynamic industry spawns innovation and change.  

The question really becomes, "How do I know what I don't know?"

How We Work With You

We work diligently and efficiently to understand your culture, values, delivery systems, processes and people, so we can begin to identify opportunity gaps in your offering.  The work we do with advisors and their practices, from throughout the country, coupled with our research, best practices and specialized knowledge provide you with the resources you need to ensure your wealth management offering is current, valuable and relevant to your clients.  In this process, we explore al of the internal and external vital touch points that define your business.  Your Organizational Assessment will provide you with a thorough examination of where you are now and with strategic and practical recommendations on specific steps you can take realize higher levels of growth and achievement.  These steps include:

  • Developing a Performance Scorecard which measures your success against your peers and sizes your opportunities
  • A prioritized list of key initiatives including identification of key resources needed, a timeline and projected payoffs
  • A roadmap of process improvements designed to enhance efficiencies in the operation of your business
  • Product and services menu review and recommendations
  • Vendor review and recommendations
  • "Quick Hits" of fast and easy improvements identified throughout the assessment

Wealth Industry quoteWhat This Means For You

  • Improved quality and consistency in sales and service delivery
  • Reduced operating expenses as a percentage of assets under management and fees / commissions
  • The ability to scale your business through improved processes and productivity without cost increases
  • A foundation for controlled growth with clearly prioritized initiatives and next steps
  • Increased confidence and discipline gained by understanding the reasons for change and the expected payoffs associated with implementation
  • Increased equity in your practice as buyers pay more for well defined, repeatable and scalable processes

Who Will Help You

Tom Kane

Thomas C. Kane, Founder and Chief Transformation Strategist

Learn more about Tom and how his 35 years of practical experience in financial services can help you.




Anita Gentle Newcomb

Anita Gentle Newcomb, Consulting Associate
Financial Institutions Strategic Planning Expert
Director, Federal Reserve Board, Baltimore/ Richmond Branch

Learn more about Anita and how her decades of experience developing strategic plans for banks can help you.



Henry Moreault, Wealth Industry Advisor

Henry D. Morneault, Consulting Associate
Operations Strategist and Transition Expert

Learn more about Henry and how his two decades of specialized knowledge can help you.



Why Kane Carlton

We help our wealth management clients make informed decisions by providing them with research, competitive intelligence, best practices and innovative, objective solutions for reducing costs, increasing revenue and staying competitive. Yet, unlike pure consulting we pride ourselves on being on the field and in the game with you, focusing on implementing the work product we create.

We understand that the thin line separating a flourishing career from unrewarding job (or worse) and a thriving franchise from a failed business is a combination of the decisions you make. So make your first decision the right decision—decide Kane Carlton.

Learn more about our firm and how we help advisors and advisory practices optimize results in the delivery of wealth management products and services.

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